Our Methods

If you have sinking concrete slab, the soil underneath the concrete has settled and needs filling. This is a common – but solvable – issue in Colorado, and can be related to such issues as significant temperature fluctuations, excessive water drainage, time and age, and/or high levels of bentonite in the soil. Regardless of what is causing your settlement, we can lift and level sunken concrete slabs back to the desired height for a fraction of the cost of replacing. Here’s an example of our process:


Our process levels and under-seals concrete in order to fill voids and stop settling. We lift sidewalks, porches, concrete steps, garage floors, basement floors, patios, courtyards, planters, stone walls, AC pads, pool decks, concrete slabs, sun rooms and more. Also, unlike traditional concrete mudjacking methods, our hydrophobic polyurethane foam can work in wet and water-saturated conditions. This gives us more versatility, which results in better stability for you.

If you have sinking concrete slabs that needs to be raised, schedule a free estimate or call 970-460-6759.